Red fashion in Perm

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

By Marie Timofeeva
and Olga Marasanova

IX fashion festival “Red Dress” was housed by the museum of modern art PERMM and lasted from 26 to 28 April.

 Along with smart models in red dresses, jury, dress-makers, organizers and viewers, to my mind strange sarcastic installations of Dmitriy Tsvetkov, however, representing deep and serious ideas, were present. Annually the themes of the festival are changed, in 2012 it’s Architecture where designers have to introduce their “architectural” dresses, reflecting various styles (Renaissance, Baroque, Сlassicism, Modern etc.) “Nowadays they often speak about architecture in Perm. Well, let’s see what it is and how young people treat it”, – says Irina Filichkina, director of the festival. “Red Dress” is held to find new talents in fashion industry and consequently, encourage them. “I am pleased. I like other participants’ works. It’s amusing to watch how other fashion designers’ heads work”, – Natalia Ostanina, designer. Some experts from Russia and abroad, designers, students, journalists, bloggers, specialists in fashion industry and ordinary viewers interested in fashion were invited. Numerous workshops, discussions and conferences with such fashion experts as Irina Filichkina, Aleksandr Khilkevitch, Lyudmila Ivanova, Irina Ashkinadze on the following topics: Fashion as a phenomenon of culture, Fashion ideal  and fashion consumer, Fashion as an instrument of modernization of social relations, Media about fashion and fashion media and others were presented to the public’s attention. This time it was interesting with learning programmes. “We were talking about issues which are not mentioned even in Moscow, but we did it in Perm”, – Aleksandr Khilkevitch, an international fashion-analyst. The invited jury will assess the designers and fashion designers’ works in three categories: “Haute Couture”, “Creative” and “Comfort”. The peculiarity of the festival was the participation of  people with physical disabilities and people in wheelchairs who were much better than professional models in a defile devoted to the category “Comfort”. “There were not just one positive recall about the nomination “Comfort”, it was strong and powerful. It touched and made people reflect”, – says Alisa Filichkina, designer and manager. Anyone could appear as a model at the festival “Red Dress”. On April 26 at the museum PERMM there took place a casting although any girl with not a model figure could participate in it. The winners of the festival will go to numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, a Grand Prix of the festival “Fashionable trip to Germany”. A well-organized event, unique, unlike one another wonderful red dresses, original defile of the participants, interested viewers, creative fashion designers – that’s what young journalists have seen from their part.


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