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Perm is a city | geographical coordinates of the city 58°0´N, 56°15´O | capital of the Perm krai | capital of culture in Russia | Third biggest city after Moscow and St. Petersburg in size (800 sq km) | population: 986.000 (city of Perm) | At the foothills of the Ural mountains | On the edge of Europe | On the railwayline of the Trans- Siberian Railway | Well connected by European and Russian airlines | flying hours from Moscow: 1,5 hours | train hours from Moscow: 11,5 hours | distance from Moscow: 1154.70 km | On the shores of the river Kama with direct connections to the White, Baltic, Azov, Black, and Caspian seas | Eponym for the geological period that began 299 million years ago and ended 251 million years ago.

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Perm – a melting pot of tradition and modernity

Perm’s cultural and artistic achievements are wellknown in Russia and abroad. Traditionally they are in particular the Perm animal style, a Scythian influenced decorative style dating back to the 4th century AD and the superb Perm State Gallery’s collection of wooden religious sculptures made in different places of the Perm region between the 17th and the 20th century.

Komi-Permyaks, Udmurts, Khanty and Mansi have been living on the territory of the Perm region from time immemorial and have not lost their ethnic originality yet. Nowadays rich folklore, ethnography and folk culture reflect local tradition and features of different regions  of Russia.

An unknkown source of European heritage. The annual international etnofuturistic Kamwa festival offers its audience new experiences that integrate traditional art from, works with the cultural resources of the region and serves as a stage for innovative arts practices. On the cutting edge is the Museum of Contemporary Art. PERMM is the «youngest» museum of Perm Krai. Regular thematic exhibitions are held there. In addition to actually being an art museum it has a special significance for the city and the rest of Perm Krai. First, it is accumulating new cultural values that could be shared with people around the world. It also addresses existing cultural heritage. Just as Perm wooden gods, collected at the beginning of 20th century, the collection of Perm Museum of Modern Art should become a symbol of the

city. The museum is located in the River Boat Station, which has been specially restored for “Russkoe bednoe” (Russian povera) exhibition. It received tremendous response from entire Russian cultural community. The museum also held exhibitions such as contemporary art-interpretation of the New Testament “Evangelsky project” (Evangelic project) and “MoskvApolis”, which is kind of a guided tour to Russian contemporary art.

Perm State Art Gallery, Perm Krai Museum and Museum of Modern Art PERMM are situated in close proximity to each other and form a museum complex, which is very convenient for tourists and visitors. «The museum complex » is a unique path from the past of art to its future from history to modernity, «moving» the visitor from one epoch to another.

PERMM and its partners aim to integrate museum and exhibition projects in the region, promoting them at an international level and interpreting new heritage in the context of world art and communication processes.

Perm – the center for performing arts and dance

But Perm is not only of great importance within the fine arts, but also performing arts and dance. To name only two examples the international festival “Dyagilev Season” combines various creative scenes: opera symphonic

and chamber music, modern dance and classical ballet as well as exhibitions and seminar. Stage-Molot is the youngest theater in Perm. It was opened in December 2009. This stage is one of the most unusual in Perm region. It is not only spectacles that take place on it, but various festivals, trainings, film shows and poetry nights. Art director of “Stage-Molot” Eduard Boyakov is a dramatic, musical and film producer, a director, a creator of the major drama festival

“Golden Mask” as well as a founder and art director of the International festival of the Theater “Noon Recess” for children and art director of the Moscow “Practice” theater.


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