External Cooperation

The international festival “The Day of Europe 2011”

The organizers of the festivals are the Ministry of culture, youth politics and mass communications of Perm Krai and the Representative office of the European Union in Russia. They promise to organize a unique festival joining various trends, for example culture and cookery, cinematography and education, politics and tourism.

The Days of Germany in Tchaikovsky

Within a program of the Embassy of Germany in Moscow “The Days of Germany in Russian regions” there will be “The Days of Germany” in Tchaikovsky. The festival will be hold under the aegis of the Tchaikovsky charitable foundation «The Tchaikovsky Fund, an administration of Tchaikovsky and Co Ltd “Ergo” (Perm). It will be from the 31st of March to the 12th of June, 2011.«The Days of Germany in Russian regions» is a series of German and Russian events of culture, education, science and economics. The festival began to exist in 2004. The main idea of “The Days” is to represent an image of modern Germany to Russia, to heighten an interest to German language and culture, to familiarize with classical and modern German art, folk works, to carry out of the germano-Russian meetings.There will be a number of important events during “The Days of Germany in Tchaikovsky 2011”. There is an opening of an exhibition devoted to collaboration with a sister city Neustrelitz, a festival of German language in the schools of the city, a representation of the film “Storm” (Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, 2009), out session of an information youth cafe “Café Evropa”, a musical festival “An unfinished symphony” and so on.

The international project “Planet of people”

The project «Planet of people» is a result of long-term activity on advancement of creative experience and potential of known European and world executors, teachers, artists, theatre teachers in Perm Krai. In the light of new strategy of our region it will become a link which will unite polar cultures, show the natives of Perm a multicolored palette of the European talents who sincerely interested in development of our city and region, acquaint art workers and the general public with the new tendencies of world art.

 Days of Swiss Culture in Perm

In recent years culture and architecture develop rapidly in the Perm Krai. The Embassy of Switzerland in Russia supports this tendency and gives the natives of Perm an opportunity to make the acquaintance of culture of Switzerland. The projects of the Days of Swiss Culture represent three language regions of Switzerland (German, French and Italian ones).

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