Theater “Theater”

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Last year there were pictures of different characters and singers such as Viktor Tsoi, Zemfira, Harry Potter and others, painted by folk activists in different parts of Perm. This year it has perhaps transformed into the original mass literacy campaign. Now it is being carried out not by isolated volunteers but by large groups.

In this article I will tell you about the creative team of theater “Theater”. The aim of the creative advertisements is to cultivate love of classic works of Russian writers and to increase the level of intelligence among the youth. For example, what is common between Tolstoy and a train? Nowadays the present generation needs to memorize many things very quickly. The advertisements are created as follows: on one half of the poster there is a famous writer, on the other half – an object, associated with his or her outstanding work. The effect is intensified by bright red elements in the portrait and the associative part.

In my opinion, this is done so that a person who sees a previously unknown author and an object, could make an associative connection between them and maybe try to find out who the author is and what work it is. Do you play the associations game?


“Za P-АRТoi”

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Last Saturday, on the 24th of March the Modern Art Museum PERMM organized the Museum Game for high school students. It was called “Za P-АRТoi” (at the school desk). Teams from 11 schools of the city of Perm discussed, interpreted, created and learned new things about the development of modern art in Perm.
The game was held in two rounds.
In the first round participants were offered different tasks: to answer questions, present their vision of an art object, and even create a piece of modern art. All tasks were associated with well known Perm street art objects: “Permian Gate”, “Red Men”, “The Apple”, and “The Long Stories of Perm” project. The most fun part of the competition monolog of an art object. Our team was «The Red Man». Other teams were «Homer» and «The Apple». In the second round the teams with the highest score took part in debates on “Why Perm needs modern art?” « Read the rest of this entry »

Exhibition of comics “Respect”

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This week the Pushkin Library hosted an exhibition of comics from different countries called “Respect”. At this exhibition were comics from countries such as Poland and England. The curator of the project, Nikita Gilyov, said: “This exhibition aims to develop in young people a sense of tolerance and kindness, the abolition of discrimination and unite us all together”. The meaning of all the comics was about the same: tolerance. In each comic reflections were visible on the cohesion of all of us. This exhibition toured almost all cities in Russia, and each met with a tumultuous welcome. In comics, authors would like to soften the critical attitude of society to certain subcultures such as goths or skinheads. The idea was a success – I liked the show!

Perm viewed by James Brown,RT journalist

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Heroes of the War in 1812 in Perm

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Everyone remembers the domestic war on Russia in 1812. Terrible Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte crossed the border of Russia with 550 thousand soldiers. The Russian people rose on a wave of patriotism and defeated the invaders. But this victory  cost Russia hundreds of thousands of lives. This war became one of the worst in Russian history. Russians honor the memory of the war.

In honor of the victory over Napoleon in Usolie September 8, 1813, exactly one year after the battle of Borodino, the Church of St. Nicholas was founded. Its construction was funded by the famous merchant Grigory Stroganov.

The Patriotic War – the memory and history of Russia. In the history of Russia Perm left much of itself. No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten…


Boris Yeltsin in Perm

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The Perm Art Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition called “Boris Yeltsin and His Time”

There are many photos on display of Boris Yeltsin and his friends and enemies, his family and his hobbies.

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin – Soviet party and Russian politician and statesman, was first president of the Russian Federation. He was elected president twice on June 12, 1991, and on July 3, 1996.  He held office from July 10, 1991 to December 31, 1999. He was born in 1 February, 1931, in village Butka in Ural region. Perhaps this is why this exhibition first visited the Urals city of Perm. Boris Yeltsin was famous for opposing the August coup which destroyed the Soviet Union and led to the establishment of the Russian Federation. « Read the rest of this entry »

Note: the film “The Geographer Spent a Globe on a Drink”

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The film “The Geographer Spent a Globe on a Drink (Географ глобус пропил)”, based on a book by famous Russian writer Aleksey Ivanov, is being filmed now in Perm and Moscow. The parts that need to be filmed outside are shot in Perm. Famous Russian actor Konstantin Habenskiy is starring in the screen version of the book.