Historical heritage

The ethnic landscape festival “The call of Parma”

Learning the secrets and traditions of our predecessors is the essence of the Parma festival that takes place on a beautiful meadow not far from Kamgort settlement. For three days in July this festival unites musicians, ecologists, ethnographers, cookery experts, and just lovers of nature who want to plunge into history and culture of Perm region.

http://permdnt.ru/parma/ (in Russian)

59 festivals of the 59th region of 2011

“59 festivals of the 59th region” is a project that unites urban and rural areas of Perm region in a whole-year festival kaleidoscope. 59 Festivals of different kinds of activities from blacksmith’s work to handicraft, from folk to classic music, from popular ditties to bard’s songs are meant for all ages and may be interesting for everybody. In 2010 this festival gathered more than 138 thousand visitors and more than 15 thousand participants came not only from Perm region but from different parts of Russia and Europe as well.

http://59fest.livejournal.com/ (in Russian)

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