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Festivals: The International festival “ROCK-LINE – 2011”

This is one of the largest and oldest rock festivals of Russia “Rock-Line”.It will be hold in the territory of the Perm airport Bakharevka. The organizers of the festival are the Ministry of culture, youth politics and mass communications of Perm Krai and the nonprofit organization “Author’s House”. For two days fans of live music have an opportunity to introduce to the newest trends of rock culture of our country, to listen to groups that won general acceptance of Perm music lovers (“Thomas” from Chelyabinsk and “Stepanov’s Starlings” from St Petersburg). Musicians continue to be received from all corners of Russia: Buryatia, Moscow, St Petersburg, Rostov, Ural, Siberia, Volga region, Altai and Dagestan. The abroad is presented by Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Lithuania, Israel, France and Germany. Attention to the festival “Rock-Line” doesn’t decrease. Quite the reverse the festival attracts interest of young unknown groups that never took part in it. This year 302 applications from 52 Russian regions from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and 11 countries were filed.The festival is necessary for young, ambitious, unknown but promising companies.“Rock-Line” has its own large audience that is increased with young generation, interes ting history, good traditions, excellent reputation and prospects. The festival gives the musicians a chance and gives the listeners energy. It is one of the few large Russian music open-air. It produces an echo that sound for a year after the festival finishes.

The international jazz festival “Jazz Fever”

The festival events will take place in Perm and town of Perm Krai every year in November. The festival is devoted to the memory of one of the fathers of Russian jazz Genrikh Terpilovski. “Jazz Fever” is a name of the most famous composition of the jazz composer. Genrikh Terpilovski lived and worked in Perm for many years. This year the festival which became a cultural brand of Perm Krai has an anniversary because it is hold for the fifth time. Symbolism of the anniversary is reflected in five days of the festival, in five programs of jazz music, in five-hour jazz marathons. The festival will take place at one of the best music venues of Perm. It will be hold in the Organ Hall of the Perm Krai Philharmonic. The famous musical critic Vladimir Feiertag from St Petersburg will anchor of the program.

The festival “Texture”

The purpose of the festival is to study and to realize fabric and texture of modern life, to look for “present moment” in art practice. The program of the festival includes performances and films reflecting new reality through new language, new technologies or new subjects. Last time modern dramaturgy becomes an engine of process of theatre and cinematography. And that modern dramaturgy is in the spotlight of the festival. The evidence of this fact is success of new drama films at the international film festivals. On the other hand modern theatre more often and efficiently resorts to the language and technologies what were used only in cinematography and visual arts. The “Texture” will present Russian and foreign films and performances about the present for the first time.

The X International Festival of documentary “Flahertiana”

The X International Festival of documentary “Flahertiana” is hold every year in Perm in October. For the first time the festival was in September of 1995. And From 2006 it is hold annually. Films which develop cinematography aesthetics of Flaherty are included into the program of the festival. Robert Flaherty introduced this cinematography aesthetics to viewer in his masterpiece “Nanook of the North”. The main feature of films of that group is a central character. A part of his life is stated according to the rules of dramaturgy by a director. And the hero lives it on the screen. The main methods are long-term watching and a customary camera. There are the Russian documentaries satisfied the selection criterions in the program of the “Russian “Flahertiana”. Except of the films there are various subject informing programs. For example there are the films of jurors and programs devoted to different social and humanitarian problems. Workshops, round tables, conferences and master-classes are hold within the festival.

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