Social and cultural integration

One of the specific features of Perm region is the coexistence of more than 16 nationalities within its territory. To support different ethnic minorities, the Administration of Perm region tries to manage multicultural interaction by organizing intercultural festivals, special workshops, events and programs like:

The International social economic forum of Finno-Ugric youth

This social forum takes place every year from the 1st to the 3rd of December. It is devoted to maintaining and development of self-identity of small ethnic groups.
The main organizers of this forum are: a social organization “Wind rose”, an independent non-profit organization “The Institute of civil activity” and The Youth Association of Finno-Ugric nation.

The “Movement” music festival

The “Movement” is an annual summer festival of world culture and music that takes place in the architectural and ethnographic museum “Hohlovka” near Perm. This festival unites eminent and young music bands from all over the world that play rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop and ethnic music. This event combines ethnic tradition and innovation, classic heritage and experiment.

Why should Ministry of Culture of Perm Region support art?

Perm Region Ministry of culture pays a lot of attention to art. Art projects in Perm are generally oriented towards social inclusion and participation. To preserve this peculiarity of the region Perm government supports Public art works. As an example, the Museum of modern art PERMM in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Perm region invites street artists, visual artists, designers, architects, illustrators, graffiti artists to participate in the annual festival called “Long Stories For Perm”.

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