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Project initators: 

Alexandre Protasevich is a Minister for Culture  and Youth of Perm krai with 20 years institutional experience at all levels within the cultural project management. He works at the Ministry of Culture since 2008 and has worked in cultural field in the public sector for 15 years in Russia.  Mr Protasevich is now widely recognized as an expert in the emerging field of cultural planning in Perm krai. Cultural Planning is a process of inclusive community consultation and decision-making that helps identify cultural resources and thinks about how these resources can help a community to achieve its civic goals.  It is a way of looking at all aspects of a community’s cultural life as “community assets” with an understanding how these resources bring value to both human and community development.

Cultural Planning will help to ensure the Perm region will remain distinctive and unique”, Mr. Protasevich said. “It will mean planning ways to support and preserve our heritage, developing appealing opportunities for artists and musicians regardless of age, and generating education and employment. It will mean building a creative community with a buzz.”

“Some of the identified objectives of “Perm krai international:young journalists@school” project include facilitating greater communication and cooperation among young community and official organizations in Perm krai”, said the Vice-Minister of Perm krai.

Daria Gissot is a media professional with 10 years international and regional experience, and has worked at all levels within the media business. She lives in Brussels and cooperates with European Institutions and Organizations as a Communication Trainer in French and Russian languages. Daria is an official registered journalist in EU has a Master’s degree in Medias Moscow State University in Russia and from CFPJ Journalism School (Paris) and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication from the Swiss University (Lugano,USI).

Alla Tchervonnykh is a director of the French-language school №22 with more than 10 years academic experience. French-language school №22 is more than a learning environment where French is the language of communication. The school №22 specialized in French is a dynamic community that are proud of the wealth and cultural diversity of their French and Russian language common heritage. This school encourages pupils to reach their full potential – academically, culturally and socially.

“Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school”

This is an interactive journalism workshop programme for children in Perm: a new media multilateral project for young journalists at school initiated in Perm krai region. This project aims at enhancing the European dimension of education by promoting joint co-operation via writing and web activities between schools of Perm and European Union’s countries.
“Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school” will give pupils and teachers of Perm’s region and partnership countries an opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest. It will help pupils and teachers to acquire and improve skills not only in the topic or subject area on which the project is focused, but also in terms of teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies (ICT). Participating in “Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school” project also gives pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice 3 foreign languages (Russian, French and English) and increases their motivation towards language learning. This partnership aims also to wake up the interest of young people towards the writing, the development of texts, journalism etc.
Where news comes from and why news is important? How to write good headlines? How to construct a news story? How to write persuasively? How to create an advert?
Journalism workshops provide pupils with the basics on writing, understanding what is news, some interviewing experience, and a hands on photographic workshop. On its practical side, the workshop tackled the news article, the report, the interview and the critical review. It is a creative way to bring journalism alive in the classroom. The special blog created by children allows pupils to practice other skills like teamwork, independent thinking and communication. At this stage, the workshop stimulates interest in news from a variety of sources, encouraging children to look beyond their own experience and to think about the world around them.
It will be a sort of “exchanged glances” between pupils of Perm and European countries which will teach pupils how information can be presented in many different ways and encourages them to look beyond newspaper presentation to assess the real meaning of texts.“Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school” is a stimulating resource for teachers, who will benefit from a tried and tested workshop that fulfils many of the required learning objectives in Learning press programmes of study, as well the promotion of the key skills. “Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school” supports and enriches teaching of the following statutory subjects:
•Citizenship and cilvil society
•Art and Design
•Design and Technology
•ICT and Press freedom
•History and cultural heritage
•Personal, Social and Health Education
“Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school” supports general teaching requirements in
•Use of language: writing, speaking, listening and reading
•ICTThe Writing and Media Workshop helps young writers and journalists build confidence, take pride in work, develop creativity, improve literacy, increase general braininess and have a lot of fun!


The international children festival of theatre arts “Long Break”

What is the international child festival of theatre arts “Long Break”? It is a real holiday for young spectators and their parents. The international child festival of theatre arts “Long Break” will be hold from the 30th of April to the 5th of May. It will be in Perm and Lysva. It will be hold under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture, Youth Politics and Mass Communications of Perm Krai. The program of the festival is prepared by Russian and foreign experts of child theatre. There are the most interesting for children events of the world arts. The “Long Break” familiarizes children with actual artists. It is the platform where people communicate with people using the language of modern arts which is understandable for a new generation.

The festival “The White Nights in Perm”

“The White Nights in Perm” is twenty six days of festivals, exhibitions, performances, dance shows, master classes and forums, seminars and lections for the natives of Perm and its visitors of all the ages!The actors from Perm, from other cities of Russia, from the near and far aboard countries will take part in the festival “The White Nights in Perm”. Many projects will represent Perm at the festival. There are some famous projects such as the Electric Festival “KAMWA PORT” which is a new format of the ethno futuristic festival “KAMWA”, “Perm Alive” which is a prototype and a starting point of “The White Nights”), the festival of aviation “Parma’s Wings” and new ones that preserved stylistics and national color of the region:

  • The participants of the festival of land art “Ural Myths” will create art objects using natural materials. The objects will have the same mythological idea.
  • During the festival of bears “MedveDay” the masters Teddy-makers will tell gripping stories about a symbol of the city. They will organize some exhibitions of teddy bears and they will give master classes.
  • The international festival “White magic” will represent unique circus and magic shows from all over the world. The festival “White magic” is organized in Russia for the first time. And the initiators of it were the natives of Perm.
  • The exhibition “Mammoth’s track” will gather mammoths from different corners of Russia on Perm’s territory. There will be even a famous mammoth Dima.
  • And at last the international festival of street arts «Open sky» will represent the various program: carnival processions, a 5-day master class «Mask Art», street shows and performances, performances of Russian and foreign street theatres.

The IX International festival “Heavenly Fair of Ural”

From the 26th to the 3rd of July the IX International festival “Heavenly Fair of Ural” takes place in Kungur. There will be a fight for the I Privolzhski Federal Disctrict Cup for aerostatics and the VII Perm Krai Open Cup for aerostatics.This year Kungur won’t hold rating competitions which results are taking into general account of the pilots. They counted on creating entertainment activities “Air battles over Kungur”. There will be the representatives of sub-units of ultralight aviation, detachment of parachute troops and water means. All the battles will take place straight over the city. And natives will take part in the festival too.According to initial data 15 aeronauts and about 50 ultralight aviation pilots expressed willingness to take part at the festival. And a dirigible pilot confirmed his participation.Ultralight aviation pilots will take part in the “Air games” within the festival. As last year a campsite of ultralight aviation will base in an area near a village Milniki.

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